Project Development Status


Production Release

In January 2005, we released the production version of Project OACIS. Along with the ability to limit the search results by institution in the Basic Search, the production release offers Advanced Search options and interactive Patron comment forms.

Vernacular Script for display and searching

US partner libraries along with our first European partner contributed the initial titles in the OACIS prototype. With this production release, participation in Project OACIS is now truly international and includes data in vernacular script from three Middle Eastern institutions. In addition, the production version of OACIS accepts searching in either English or Arabic. The Middle Eastern members are Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt; University of Jordan, in Amman, Jordan; and Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria.

Librarians from the University of Jordan and Tishreen University added their serial titles in Arabic to OACIS during internships at Yale University Library. These librarians provided valuable assistance during the development of the bilingual displays of bibliographic and holdings information. While at Yale, the librarians from Jordan and Syria also played an important role in translating Library of Congress terminology into Arabic for use in the OACIS system.

Mirror Site and Digitization

In December 2004, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina contributed its serial records to the OACIS union catalog. In addition, its technical staff set up a Middle Eastern mirror site based at the exciting new library in Alexandria for the use of OACIS scholars in that region. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina also directed a digitization discovery project which has helped significantly in the planning for future online delivery of journal article content through OACIS.

Up Next

In the new year, we will proceed with the InterLibrary Loan experiment to develop and assess the ILL prototype. Yale University Library: OACIS Project